#25EventIdeas – Event Idea #4: Kaleidoscope


The challenge:

Create a fresh, engaging gala event for guests nearing the end of an incredible program. The twist? This will be event number six in eight days of events for the same people. There are more than 400 in the group, and they don’t fit in the hotel.

What to do?


We first found a suitable venue, then began to lay out what the evening could look like. What we presented was the idea of a Kaleidoscope, where anywhere you looked in the room it would be different, and yet still gorgeous. It was August, so using three hot summer colors, we built all the elements around these, from performer’s costumes to florals, lighting to linens, all into one seamless visual space. A central round performance stage was surrounded by tables in varied shapes and configurations from rounds of 8, to squares and even empire tables of 32, where as guests arrived they exclaimed “we can sit with our whole team”, and promptly took these over. The space ended with a dance floor and a stage for the band, who performed live music for the cirque performances, and later led into dancing with a cool vibe.

Challenge, fulfilled.