#25EventIdeas – Event Idea #5: Impressionism

3D Art Frame

Impressionism as an art form became prominent in the 1880’s and 90’s and has since influenced music, sculpture, film, and photography. Impressionism involves taking something as common and ordinary as a chair and bringing it to life. There is a sense of immediacy to the movement, which involves the varied use of color to add texture and time to a piece that not only created a work of art but also an experience.

That sort of new experience is what Cantrav endeavours to create for our event guests. We strive to recreate, redesign, and rethink an event until it, like an impressionists painting, comes to life, and becomes an experience and a work of art.

Rose Petal HatFor example, paintings can be recreated in three dimensions to make them more life like. One way we did this was to bring a painting of flowers to life, and allow the vines of the plant to exceed the frame of the “painting.” In addition, we created a framed hat, in 3D, that was made completely of rose petals. These concepts are a fresh way of creating that “wow” moment with your guests.Simple Sorbet

This same concept can be applied to all aspects of the event from lighting, to food, to the drinks. For example, each course of food could include a combination of colors and textures, and served in unique ways to add to the new experience and bring your event to life in another way.

Let’s take something ordinary, and give it new life.