#25EventIdeas – Event Idea #6: Fire and Ice

YSkaters and Cauldrens es, yes we know. This theme has been   executed many times, but it is what you do with this theme that takes your event from “Yeah, I didn’t really do anything last night,” to “Last night was AMAZING!”

This theme has stayed on the event radar because the juxtaposition between the two themes has enabled planners to create two different yet intertwined experiences all in one night. It is easy to have a reception themed in fiery reds, yellows, and oranges, which spark a fire of curiosity in the guest, which is then topped off with sparkling drinks, and fresh hors d’oeuvres. As for dinner a creative host could finish the evening with a calm, cool, and collected dinner that is themed in dark blues and purples, that resonate with the guest and create a feeling of tranquility. Framing your event this way creates two unique and opposite experiences that a guest will not soon forget.

We here at Cantrav imagined the possibilities, and set out to make them a reality. We combined both ideas to create an even more defined and unique experience, and we must say, it went well. Examples of these executions include, having fire dancers perform on a backdrop of snow and ice, or having the Vancouver Convention Center’s Olympic Cauldron lit in all its resplendence, while figure skaters perform a dazzling routine on a portable ice rink.