#25EventIdeas – Incentive Idea #8: Branding you say…

When groups come to Western Canada, and in particular the stunning setting of the Canadian Rockies, it is an excellent reason to celebrate in the spirit that was born here. Banff is one of our homes, where we have had an office for more than 25 years, and where we share the joie de vivre of the Mavericks – the cowboys, railway magnates and oil barons who settled this land and bring them to life through the events we plan. Finding the connections between your brand and this pioneer spirit can be a lot of fun, as evidenced on these branded beer buckets.

branded beer buckets

Sometimes though, we need to toss away the box, and rethink the possibilities of branding. At a recent event held in the “donut tents” our client embraced this, but also wanted to embrace their own brand, and it was a perfect tie-in as small First Nations hand drums were individually made and branded – what a delightful surprise for the guests, and definitely not your ordinary branded “swag”!

branded first nation drums