#25EventIdeas – Meeting Idea #2: Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

When you use technology to seamlessly bring together a live audience with a remote audience, you are creating a hybrid event, where you can ignite discussions on many levels and bring together people who may not otherwise be able to travel to your event. The possibilities to engage across either a corporate or association spectrum allow you to have discussions that otherwise might not happen. We have had the opportunity to see this done successfully and be part of the core planning team, and understand how to ensure success.

The requirements vary, but once you have a room set for a general session presentation, what needs to be added in terms of hardware is reduced, and often the costs of the added needs can be mitigated by the added audience. The additional personnel, including a host experienced in hybrid events, and a recommended social media concierge, ensures the experience is great for all audiences. Being able to bring in comments and discussions from different perspectives is beneficial to the entire organization.

The largest net benefit seen by organizations to date is that virtual attendees have a higher conversion rate to paid attendees the next year, with year – to – year increases in F2F audiences being experienced by those who had a positive virtual experience, and want to be on-site having ‘test-run’ the level of education and yes, even networking they will experience live.