#25EventIdeas – Meeting Idea #4: Gamification

From teambuilding to community building, friendly competition to solving a problem, social gaming aka gamification, might be the new buzzword, but it builds upon principles that have been studied and embraced for centuries – that as Plato first said “you learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation”. Introducing a game element, whether through an entire meeting, or as simply one element in a multi-day program, will allow you to have your guests interacting with each other and learning about each other through shared experience.

Some of the benefits you can expect to see

  • the release of positive endorphins leading to good feelings (hey you can’t argue basic physiology)
  • collaboration among participants as they work together to achieve shared objectives
  • unleash participant’s creativity and strategic thinking as they work to “level up” and achieve the next goal
  • create optimism and hope – when we can see regular progress, or face setbacks in the game environment and move beyond these, positive emotions flow and can be applied to real work situations
  • show participants how creating a perception of control over our environment can translate to a feeling of control over their daily lives
  • greater camaraderie among participants throughout and beyond game play – shared experiences build connections
  • this shared experience can be with the people in your space or it can be with remote players around the world

We love sharing ideas about bringing in more (meaningful) fun to your events, let’s talk!