#25EventIdeas – Meeting Idea #5: Asparagus for Breakfast


For many meetings, the food served often results in sugar rushes and crashes later experienced by the meeting attendees. To combat this, Cantrav Services applied the “Healthy Eating at Meetings Principles” that Andrea Sullivan and Tahira Endean, CMP have been sharing at meetings such as FICP, SPINCon and PCMA Convening Leaders at a recent three day meeting.

This meeting, held at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver, was for 180 guests. When we explained to the hotel that we wanted to serve brain-friendly, nutritious food across all meals and breaks, they completely embraced this and delivered a series of great food experiences. This included serving vegetables, like asparagus, for breakfast! While the guests certainly weren’t expecting that, trays were quickly emptied.  One regular meeting attendee even said that, “the food was actually good!”.

We saw guests able to maintain their energy throughout the meeting and a large part of that was serving them healthy food.

We can’t wait to plan more menus like this for our upcoming meetings!