#25EventIdeas – Meeting Idea #8: Flash Mobs

We’ve seen flash mobs in streets, malls and train stations and now we’re seeing them more and more often in conferences and meetings. Flash mobs, by their very nature, encourage creativity and connectivity while promoting the unusual while in a usual setting. Flash mobs generate excitement and creates interaction and collaboration from participants. Depending on the time of the day when the flash mob happens, it can wake up your attendees leaving them refreshed and excited for the day’s meeting or interject some much needed energy after a full day of content and learning. It encourages relationship building as participants now have common ground to bond over. And the benefits of flash mobs aren’t exclusive only to the participants – viewers become engaged and often times even jump in!

flash mob on jack poole plaza

Recently, two clients incorporated flash mobs into their meetings to great success. Each time, a simple training video was sent out prior to the meeting where attendees who wanted to participant could practice and perfect their moves. Then, at the appointed time, they all got together and performed to much fanfare!

If you want to include a flash mob in your next meeting, give us a call. We’d love to share our ideas!