#25EventIdeas – Incentive, Meeting and Event Ideas #1

Here at Cantrav, we love coming up with great event ideas and we love sharing them with our clients and colleagues even more. With that in mind, we’re going to start a new series called #25EventIdeas where we will talk about some great ideas for incentives, meetings and events.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the 1st ideas…

Fabulous Incentive Idea #1

Private Rodeo

Private Rodeo Great Idea

Private Rodeo

Hosting your own private rodeo is something that can only be done in a few select locations around the world, the Alberta Rockies being one of these destinations, as we celebrate our history of how we settled the West in Canada. One thing a little different than some ranches, is from here we can also send participants out on a range of other activities before they come back for dinner and this fun event.

Fabulous Meeting Idea #1

Talking Stick Ceremony

Talking Stick Ceremony

The First Nations were the first to settle the lands of British Columbia, and as tribes gathered, they had great celebrations and feasts, a tradition we continue today when we gather together. An important part of these events included a sharing of stories and dialogue between the nations. The Talking Stick is a symbol, carved with animal figures important to the culture that is literally passed to the person who holds the floor, and is ready to communicate their messages. This is a powerful ceremony and symbol to carry through your meeting.

Fabulous Event Idea #1

Trikes and Races

Trikes and TahiraRacing

What if there was no alcohol being served at your evening event? How would this change up what you do? For us, it allowed us to include tricycle races, and we can assure you that this was a never-ending station of fun as adults, and there were only adults at this event, took their turn whipping around the course and winning the opportunity to enter their name in a prize draw!

Stay tuned for our next great event ideas!

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