3 Sample Tour Itineraries from an Inbound Tour Operator in Canada

Creating and managing a tour from afar can be a major challenge when you are not intimate with the destination. As a Canadian inbound tour operator, we regularly hear questions from

our clients like:

  • What are the best Western Canada tour itineraries
  • What are the most popular tour destinations for the Canadian Rockies? Vancouver? Alaska?
  • How can I combine two or three locations in one Canada and Alaska tour?
  • Do you have an Alaska or Canada tour itinerary template to use as a starting point?

To help our tour planning colleagues, we have drawn upon our experience as an inbound tour operator in Canada and Alaska to offer 3 group tour itineraries for free download. You’ll find tour itineraries featuring the most popular destination highlights of:

  • The Canadian Rockies – Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper finishing in Vancouver
  • South Western British Columbia – Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler
  • Alaska – Anchorage, Talkeetna, Seward, Vancouver

How to Use the Sample Tour Itineraries:

  1. Route Planning and Flow – the best start and end points are featured with efficient routing throughout.
  2. Destination Research – use the highlights mentioned to include or exclude from your final program based on interest or budget, or as the starting point for tailoring a custom itinerary
  3. Mix and Match – each sample tour itinerary stands on its own as a complete program, but can be combined with one of the others (or all three!) for a longer experience.
  4. Mode of Transportation Options – depending on your preference for bus, train, plane or cruise ship you’ll find options for some or all in each program.

Download all 3 group tour itineraries now.

Group Tour Questions or Comments?

Post your questions below and we will respond quickly with a reply. It’s free, no obligation advice from an experienced inbound tour operator in Canada.

Happy Planning!