A Day in the Life

At a DMC, everyday is different. There is always a story to tell – and a lesson to be learned.

Here’s Dave’s story.


March 6, 2014.
Departure day for eight clients in two separate vehicles, leaving from Whistler Resort to Vancouver International Airport.

The Unexpected:

A semi-trailer truck flips over on the Sea to Sky highway just north of Lions Bay. Both lanes are blocked. Fire and police services are on scene, but it could be hours before there is any movement.

If Dave and his team choose to wait it out, our clients will miss their flights.

We act quickly. We call on our transportation supplier and drivers to brainstorm options.

Luck finds the well-prepared. We happen to have an empty mini coach en route to Whistler. It is on the other side of the semi-trailer.

The Fix:

With our two vehicles close to the accident and the mini coach sitting nearby, the scene is set.

With the blessing of first-responders, luggage in tow, and assistance from our drivers, a group of firemen escort our clients from their vehicles through the scene of the accident and safely aboard the mini coach.

Firemen then assist the mini coach to turn around, and the group waves goodbye, happily continuing the journey back home.

They now have quite the story to share. As does Dave, Cantrav’s man of the hour!

Thank you to the Imperial drivers and the fire and police on-site for their heroic efforts.

Lessons: Always opt to find a solution. Never give up after your first hurdle, or your second. Or third. Cultivate a reliable network. Empower your staff to be decision-makers. Leave early. Get to know your local fire department.

Link: Sea to Sky Highway Shut Down After Semi-TruckĀ Tips Spilling LoadsĀ