A destination management company (DMC) is a professional services company with local knowledge, expertise and resources, working in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

Cantrav Services Inc.
Canada's DMC.

About Us

Cantrav Services is an organization of smart creatives who possess the knowledge and experience to realize clients’ vision and objectives.

Cantrav’s fundamental focus is on value creation through “combinatorial innovation.” By employing the right strategy, Cantrav serves as a catalyst, stimulating people and ideas, and working in collaboration with our clients to achieve success.

Our Philosophy

Cantrav recognizes that our clients’ challenge is to motivate, invigorate and inspire. Our mission is to understand our clients’ needs and execute their vision. Our culture is positive and proactive. Our passion for the destinations we serve is matched only by our commitment to client service. Clients become empowered by partnering with a destination management service that has extensive local knowledge, supported by an entire service delivery team. By virtue of our professionalism and expertise we become a trusted ally.

Our Core Values

We are guided by our personal honesty and integrity.
We are accountable and we keep our promises.
We encourage innovation and reward entrepreneurship.
We work hard and reward hard work.
By respecting each other, we will respect our customers.

Cantrav's Commitment

Cantrav is dedicated to supporting the communities where we operate…because we live there too. At Cantrav, we believe in being responsible – to our clients, the environment and society. We support clients in their quest to conduct green programs, and we work constructively to reduce waste and leave nothing behind but a net positive. We encourage everything from tree-planting to carbon-emission off-sets. Our team-building focus is often weighted to community contributions, from creating vegetable gardens in underserved neighbourhoods to the preservation of wildlife habitats. Living in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations is a privilege, and with it comes a responsibility we gladly embrace.

Our Memberships

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In addition, Cantrav is represented by AlliedPRA - Partnering with Cantrav Services connects you with our DMC partners in the US. They specialize, as we do, in tailoring every destination to work for you.