Adventure Awaits in the Okanagan Valley

Stomp some grapes.  Zip through the air. Tee it up. The Okanagan’s surprisingly dry micro-climate climate makes it a natural playground to enjoy the outdoors, from leisurely vineyard strolls and horseback riding to golf, kayaking, paddle boarding and other Okanagan adventure-based activities.

“The Okanagan’s distinctive climate and geography make it possible to be outside and active throughout the year,” explains Tommi Hanley, Regional Director, Okanagan at Cantrav.  “Our warm and dry weather conditions are ideal for many different outdoor experiences, and 110-kilometre-long Okanagan Lake is a centrepiece for some incredible beach and water activities.  Along with the region’s world-class food and wine the Okanagan is an ideal meeting and incentive destination.”

The Great Grape Stomp is an exclusive teambuilding experience, owned by Cantrav Okanagan. As part of this creative and competitive “ice-breaker” activity, each team must crush 30 pounds of grapes that are placed in half-barrels, ready for stomping.  Each team member then takes a two-minute turn as the “stomper” by stepping into the barrel in bare feet to flatten the grapes.  Another team member, the “swabbie,” stands below the barrel and attempts to catch the juice using the provided metal skewer to ensure the juice flows freely and properly. A professional, MC Mama Rosa, directs the teams, while a professional DJ times the stomps to music.

“The grape stomping is just one of the fun and extraordinary events that our meeting and incentive clients can take advantage of here in the Okanagan,” says Hanley.  “Other creative and fun possibilities include dragon boat racing with members of our local dragon boat club, ziplining, hiking, cycling to wineries and along the Kettle Valley Railway, and water-based activities such as fishing, to name a few.”

For more information on creating a unique meeting or team-building experience in the Okanagan Valley, visit Cantrav Okanagan.