DMC Supporting Meeting Planners

Recently, our Creative Director shared a blog lauding Meeting Planners, a role she knows well having spent over half her career on “that side” of our exciting industry. What we want to talk about with you today is how our DMC supports you – our clients, busy meeting planners and agency partners. As our President, George Bartel said in a recent talk to industry professionals at TIME in Vancouver, think of us as your local concierge.

  1. We listen. We hear what you need, which may range from full ground program support, (including internal air and other travel) to programs where you may only need limited support – let’s talk about your needs.
  2. We are your destination experts in Western Canada – we know the cities, towns, mountains, lakes, trails, venues and will recommend the solutions that will best suit your group’s needs after consultation.
  3. We know Transportation.
  4. We provide responsible budgeting with no surprises that will deliver the impact you need. We negotiate on your behalf.
  5. We will provide you with timely and relevant information to facilitate decision making.
  6. We will support you in marketing our destination, creating the excitement around your meeting, event or incentive in Western Canada.
  7. We support your team, integraging to understand what you need to make strategically sound decisions, and will ensure we are all working from the same information towards the same goals.
  8. We will make suggestions that will enhance your program – whether it is local speakers, entertainment, team-building or CSR activities to engage your participants.
  9. We are risk managers, ensuring our suppliers are also playing safe. (even keeping their insurance on file)
  10. We practice sustainability and will ensure your organizations’ best practices are maintained.
  11. We understand flow and logistics and will provide recommendations based on our experience here. With you, our collective expertise will lead to best success.
  12. We are creative and we understand how to work with your teams to bring out the best in Event Design and create environments that welcome, surprise, engage, entertain and are remembered.
  13. We have many years of experience in providing support, and we love partnering for success. We know this is a big statement, but we really do come to work every day understanding our role and being energized by the many fantastic groups we are able to work with.
  14. We like to create unique experiences and will work with flexibility to do this.
  15. We say this, we mean this. We will hold the spotlight so you can shine.

We look forward to the next program! How can we help?

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