Girl and Guy Event Ideas

We love this recent series by BizBash on ideas for women/men focused events!

Here are our favorite girl/guy event ideas:

Girl: Heel Check

heel check

As every woman who has ever put on a pair of heels knows, there is a very small range of time where we can comfortably wear them. That’s why this Heel Check Station from Tkees at the official Oscar after party is a¬†brilliant¬†idea. Guests could check their heels in exchange for a pair of comfortable and stylish gold flip flops. A worthy idea to incorporate into your next gala or award event.

Guy: Succulents


The use of succulents over flowers at the BizBash IdeaFest New York was a creative way of displaying escort cards. This very simple choice created a more masculine tone for the event proving that it doesn’t take much to change the event experience.

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