Incentive Planning and Metrics

Very simply, without measurement, no meeting, incentive or exhibition can be judged for its effectiveness. Given the cost to plan and run any face to face (or hybrid or virtual) experience that connects guests to your brand and creates deeper loyalty to and within organizations, it is imperative that from the beginning, it is understood what you want to achieve, and that this event is the best tool for success.

This article was one in a series and was contributed by Maritz, Nicola Kastner, CMM, CMP and we could not have articulated this more clearly ourselves, so we are sharing the following article with you.

Designing effective incentive programs

As destination managers, we are part of the process and by understanding your key objectives, we can support you in designing the program that makes sense for your group – the organization and the participants. We understand that we are all always measured by our last event, and are committed to each and every one standing up to scrutiny, and delivering the results your stakeholders need to see.

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