Meetloaf – the recipe for Event Management

For those of you fortunate enough to have worked with our President, George Bartel, this will make sense from the beginning. For those of you just joining us, let me just say that George often inspires me in the most unexpected ways.  Today he said, “Meetloaf. The perfect recipe for your next meeting, hospitality program, event, conference or incentive.”

To me this means two things. One is, George won’t elaborate. Two, I will… feeling somewhat inspired by my daughter in front of me working on her own recipe. (Cheri’s orange millet loaf, in case you were wondering)

So, here is our recipe for Meetloaf. Please note quantities can be adjusted to taste.


  • 4 cups Fabulous destination
  • 2 cups Gorgeous hotel
  • 2 cups Inspiring meeting / event venues
  • 1 cup  Experienced Destination Support -DMC Support
  • 1/2 c.  Seamless ground management
  • 3 T.     Fantastic events -Event Design
  • 2 T.     Activities that create discussion
  • 1 T.     Memorable entertainment / speakers
  • 1 T.     Time to enjoy


After discovering the wonders of Western Canada, with its accessibility and awesome amenities, you will next mix in your choice of stunning hotel. Carefully fold in meeting and event venues that will inspire discussion, with the right mix of venue, environment, production, speakers and entertainment blended perfectly.  Round it off with activities that take place in the great outdoors – oceans, mountains, forests, golf courses, harbours and more offer possibilities.  Have your DMC knead gently, taking care to ensure this is put in the oven and baked to your satisfaction.  Relax, enjoy, celebrate.

Do it all responsibly. – Green meeting info