Competition on an Alaskan Glacier


The challenge was to re-create a client's traditional event within the magicial landscape of Alaska. Find out how we met and exceeded this!

The Client: Well known car company

By the Numbers: 40 participants

The Ask: “We need a boat race. We always do a boat race, awarding a trophy to the winner. But this year, we want an amazing boat race in the Alaskan wilderness.”

The “Dream” Theme: The Last Frontier

The Delivery: The challenge was to create a “platinum event” within the client program that would build on the traditions of previous programs. We were told to expect a heated competition between the dealers and the service teams. This company tradition afforded the winner bragging rights for the following 12 months. But the magic of Alaska required us to think creatively about a destination appropriate event.

We elevated the traditional water race, reimagining the event in the context of the Alaskan landscape. Working with an extraordinary activity operator, we arranged to have guests flown by helicopter to Punchbowl Glacier. A village of sled dogs housed in mini igloos greeted them upon arrival. A luxurious hosting tent was set against this indescribable backdrop, in which guests could indulge in delicious food and Alaskan vodka. To their delight, the traditional boat race was transformed into a relay dog sled race.

Two 12-dog sleds were driven around a one-mile circuit by a professional musher, each time ferrying two passengers from the respective teams. Everyone participated, no matter age, gender or size. The dogs barked, the crowds cheered, and the wattage of the smiles lit up the Alaskan skies.

In the end, the real winner was the client. Both service and dealers agreed the experience was wilder than their imaginations.

Now, that’s worthy of a trophy.