Sustainability at the Night Circus

Night Circus

In April we had the opportunity to create an incredible Night Circus for 2,000 guests, where the entertainment wowed in an environment full of positive surprises that flowed through the evening, based on the ideas created in the novel of the same name. All elements of the event were black and white, with touches of red, including the guests who dressed their part! With an incredible flow from beginning to end, we featured talented local performers, building opportunities for an important part of our cultural community as we brainstormed and crafted spaces and vignettes that would be memorable.

Night Circus - 1

In addition to supporting community, on our client’s behalf, we worked closely with our supplier partners to get as close to a net-zero event as possible, with 3P sustainability being a shared value. For this event, in assessing the current programs the Hyatt Regency Vancouver had in place, we found that with the addition of CowPower offsets and working with a local organization and the hotel to add composting to the food and beverage program for the evening we would be able to achieve this objective.


We are grateful to our many partners who work with us on a regular basis to help us create excellence on every level!