Sustainable Whistler Event for 200

In our last article we talked about where do ideas come from, and the need to avoid mediocrity, and do what is right for each client. Last week, our team had the opportunity to do just this in Whistler.

The mandate

  1. Ensure each touchpoint has the “X” factor that defines our organization
  2. The venues need to be cool – not fancy, but fun and awesome
  3. For our merchandise displays we want as much recycled materials used as possible – they need to simulate the setting they are used in, and how we run our organization every day
  4. We need to do it all in five weeks for just over 200 people

From the first site visit to the move in day, we had just over five weeks to produce four days of events. Each had to be in a unique venue, and we worked with WhistlerBlackcomb and found a variety of workable spaces, and then pushed every boundary. A few examples follow.

The merchandise displays were built entirely out of recycled materials, that will all be reused or recycled again. Shelving made out of old skis and pine boards from an Olympic hospitality venue; showcase shelving from snowfence and bamboo; stumps, pine cones, rocks and leaves to simulate the trails; and all with Whistler winter in the background. Of course this meant that everything had to go up by SnoCat or gondola – an incredible amount of detailed planning and logistics, and ultimately worth it as the guests enjoyed learning in a stellar setting, as well as riding the Peak2Peak to get lunch!

We had one night in a magical old growth forest setting with bonfires, s’mores and the

warmth of a caboose… (ask us – it canhold hundreds and combine activities and great bbq events)

Finally, and we aren’t sure how, even the hotel embraced the spirit we sought and a pickup hockey game in the ballroom was fun, fun, fun!

This is just a sampling of what was done. We had four days of supporting their complex, amazing, surprising and ultimately, highly successful events and meetings. We shared values on having fun and working sustainably and this provided an awesome base for a great program. We love being challenged… bring it on!