Team Cantrav Gives

Grand total

Every year, we hold a friendly competition between the different departments at Cantrav to see which team can raise the most money and donations for a community organization. This year, we decided that the Downtown East-side Women’s center, the Vancouver Food Bank and the RBC Free the Children initiative would receive anything that we manage to raise.

The competition was fierce but our Operations and Team Creative and Production teams emerged victorious in our holiday fundraiser battle. What’s even better is the total amount of food, clothes, toiletries and dollars that the entire team raised.

Our total tally:

  • 5 boxes of Food items collected
  • 3 Garbage Bags of Clothing items collected
  • 1 large box of Toiletries collected

Dollars collected: $315.00 (which buys about $945.00 worth of food for the food bank)

On top of that, our accounting team saved all the pennies from the past year which will go to the RBC Free the Children initiative which will be enough to provide water for 1 child for life!

Here are some photos:

photo 3

Lots of shampoo, conditioners, lotions and toothpaste in there!

photo 4

V8 to keep you healthy!

photo 5

Box full of change

This was (and always is) a fun way of encouraging our office to give back to the community and we hope that it inspires you and your office to do the same.