The Wonder Reels [Videos]

Photo credit: Paul Morrison

Have you seen any of the Wonder Reels episodes yet? Launched on August 28, 2012, this eventual 7 episode series (currently only 5 episodes are out) showcases all the wonders of Whistler Blackcomb. Each episode has a different theme which ranges from personal stories to physical, natural wonders and they really highlight all the different things that make Whistler Blackcomb unique.

Check out the first 5 episodes:

The Wonder Reels Episode 1 – SNOW

“Snow. Our common obsession. It covers our steep craggy terrain and rounds out the sharp edges to make Whistler Blackcomb rideable like nowhere else on earth. This is the story of how we are transformed every winter, told through the distinct visual artistry of Sherpas Cinema.”

Ski Version or Snowboard Version

The Wonder Reels Episode 2 – THE PASS

“Push the boundaries.

A hunger for new wonders, new vistas and new challenges fuelled trailblazing big mountain ski legend Eric Pehota, who pushed the boundaries to explore Whistler Blackcomb’s high alpine terrain. Now inbounds and accessible for all adventurous spirits, Pehota revisits his old stomping grounds in the Spanky’s area with his sons, Logan and Dalton – two of Canada’s hottest upcoming freeskiers.”

Watch the video here

The Wonder Reels Ep. 3 – THE STOKE

“Whistler Blackcomb’s Opening Day tradition is a kind of candy festival – the soft grey light of morning is skittled-through with bright new gear and buzzing skiers and riders, amped by the prospect of making that first turn in 6 months. Some are Opening Day regulars, some are cutting school, some are here for their first time. But when the gate drops, and the gondola starts to load, they are all riding the same wave of STOKE, right to the top.”

Watch the video here

The Wonder Reels Ep. 4 – THE DEEP

“Powder is a commodity. Its rareness is what makes it valuable. Those in the know, know the moment must be embraced. And the powder stashes are the place. We have created two versions of this video, one for the skiers and one for snowboarders.”

Ski Version or Snowboard Version

The Wonder Reels Ep. 5 – THE CROSSING

“What happens when a single man becomes the keeper of a world-record breaker? Switchback Entertainment documents the story of the caretaker of the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola: Wayne Wiltse, Lift Maintenance Manager, Whistler Blackcomb.”

Watch the video here

Guests to Whistler Blackcomb can also upload their own videos to the Wonder Whistler website and enter weekly contests.

The last two episodes will be released in January and February with the series wrapping up in March. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to seeing what the last 2 Whistler Blackcomb wonders are!