Vancouver Event Planning – Conference Welcome

Welcome to Canada! This evening we were asked to create an event that showcased Canada from Coast to Coast.  We did this through food, decor and entertainment, focusing on four areas; Northern Canada with its icy delights, Central Canada with warm maples, our two coasts celebrated with food and featuring great beers, and the Asian influences that have contributed to both culture and cuisine in Vancouver. We also embraced our glorious location and opened up cabanas on the Terrace, filled the VCC Ballroom Foyer with jazz, and celebrated coming together with fireworks to bring this night home!

Before we celebrated with fireworks, we had one additional surprise in store… the “lanterns” that had been overhead from the time they entered the room nearly two hours before came to life and created a pre-fireworks focus, as six aerialists appeared from above. As we stood at the tech table and watched thousands have their attention captured first by these aerialists, and then have them all turn and surge forward as the first firework lit the night sky, we had shivers… a spectacular peak to this already incredible evening!