Vancouver’s (in)Famous Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is very special. Not just to the locals of Vancouver, but to thousands of tourists that visit the beach each year. Its incredible popularity has made it one of the most visited clothing optional beaches in the world. The beach is located at the edge of Point Gray, Vancouver, and is situated at the base of the cliffs around the University of British Columbia. The beach is also surrounded by walking trails through the forest with the two main trails located near the Museum of Anthropology, on the UBC Campus.

It hasn’t always been all rosy cheeks and sunshine for this little piece of heaven. Throughout its history, Wreck Beach has fought off potential building projects, rowdy teenagers, jet fuel pipelines, and jet skiers, not to mention the ongoing debate on removing the clothing optional status.

Regardless of the beach’s “interesting” roots and clientele, it is still one of the most popular beaches in the world, and was a nominee for the CBC “Seven Wonders of Canada” contest!

(Photo courtesy of CBC)