BC Meetings and Events Working Group

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Cantrav continues to advocate for the event industry and a safe restart for our business. In May, Matthew Coyne, President, joined a task force, that through collaborative action is addressing the impact of the virus and paving the way for reopening the industry in incremental stages.

COVID-19 has had tremendous impact on the Meetings and Events Industry. The primary purpose of our industry is to plan and deliver group experiences, and the global pandemic has frozen our collective ability to function.

The Working Group constitutes a cross section of B.C. businesses from the Meetings & Events Industry, with consultation and input provided by industry leaders and stakeholders.

The initiative represents a wide range of companies and independents who produce and provide services for meetings and events in British Columbia. The primary purpose of the Working Group is to collaborate with the industry to develop an effective restart plan for designing and executing meetings and events with safety and responsibility at the forefront, in adherence to government mandates that mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The secondary goal is to advocate collectively on behalf of our industry by streamlining our recovery efforts. We understand that one voice is stronger than many fragmented initiatives.

In September a comprehensive guidelines document was released and shared with the industry. It is imperative that those executing events in BC, embrace this document and adhere to it. We all want the industry back on it’s feet and with government support, back in action, delivering in person connections, safely.

View the restart guidelines here. Please validate your support and demonstrate your willingness to adhere to these guidelines by clicking here to endorse. Together we are stronger.

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