Everything imagined: Introducing Cantrav’s new brand and visual identity.

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Today, Cantrav unveiled its new brand and visual identity which builds on its roots as an award-winning destination management and event production company, while celebrating the talent and creativity of its team.

“For nearly four decades, Cantrav has been delivering award-winning projects and incentive programs in Western Canada and now national reach with offices in Toronto and Montreal, we are known for quality, in-depth knowledge and commitment to service. Cantrav’s new brand gives a nod to those core strengths but also reflects our creativity, innovation and most importantly the collaboration we bring to every project,” said Matt Coyne, President, Cantrav. “Our intention was to reveal a new brand that is fresh, vibrant and creative as we continue to go beyond the expected and build on Cantrav’s legacy.”

‘Everything imagined’ is more than Cantrav’s new tagline; it’s their culture, and is present in every client, vendor, or partner interaction, and through every extraordinary event it produces — from incentive programs, galas and showcase events to immersive destination experiences and everything in between.

Cantrav’s new brand takes inspiration from Pablo Picasso who said: “Everything you can imagine is real.” This sentiment represents the team’s ability to invent and develop original ideas that go beyond the ordinary, paired with the technical skills and experience needed to bring bright ideas to fruition.

Cantrav is guided by its core values of performance, innovation, trust, collaboration, and quality, and will continue to create inspiring and industry-leading experiences under its new look, with more creative license than ever before. 

About Cantrav
With offices in Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna, Toronto, Canmore, and Montreal, Cantrav is the only national destination management company that combines comprehensive experience, extensive local knowledge, and in-house event production. To see Cantrav’s new brand and identity, visit cantrav.com and check out some of Cantrav’s latest work.

For more information please contact:
Claire Duncan, Vice President, Creative Strategy and Events
604.708.2521 | cduncan@cantrav.com

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