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Bienvenue dans notre charmante métropole! Welcome to our charming metropolis!

Cantrav Services Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Altima Concept, a full range Destination Management Company with a boutique DMC feel, located in the French jewel of North America – Montreal, Quebec.

Started by Filipe Nepomuceno in 1996 and then headed by his sister, Filomena, Altima Concept has provided unique Quebecois experiences to international conferences, groups and incentive trips with authentic French-Canadian flair. Cantrav’s purchase of Altima Concept was ideal because “…they [Cantrav] are well represented in other parts of the country; I felt that Montreal would be a good fit for them as to close that gap in Quebec”, according to Filomena.

When asked why people love Montreal and why clients should choose the city as an incentive destination, Filomena said “Montreal has a different vibe from any other city in North America which makes it a very attractive city to live in and visit. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city with a small city feel and a safe city to travel to.  I love this city because of the bilingualism and rich old French Quebecois culture as well as history.  I always say it is like traveling to Europe without the jetlag!”

Over the years, Cantrav has expanded their services across the country with offices located in Vancouver, Whistler, the Canadian Rockies, Toronto and most recently, the Okanagan Valley. “Montreal was identified as a desired destination for our roster as we promote ourselves as Canada’s DMC”, says Cantrav’s COO & Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Matthew Coyne. “Montreal is such a unique city with its charm spanning from the architecture and history to the local Quebecois and their envious joie de vivre.”

The Montreal DMC office will operate under the reputable name of Altima Concept while being supported and owned by Cantrav Services Inc. We are excited to welcome Heather Schidlowsky as Regional Director of Operations for Quebec who will take on the leadership role in the Montreal office. Heather says, “With so many year-round activities, venues, restaurants, and world-renowned festivals, we are thrilled to partner with Cantrav and continue the legacy of operating successful programs in beautiful Montreal.” 

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